Hassam Ul Haq

PHP Laravel Developer ( Laminas | React | Vue ) 💻️

Hi there, I’m Hassam — a full-stack web application developer, with over 3 years of professional experience.

I’ve worked on some pretty interesting projects, including Pharmacy management, Medical CRM, a POS system, Blog Mining, Reservation, SEO and Schemas, an e-commerce web app, e-commerce data collection, and storage.

I am passionate about open-source software, privacy, best practices, standards, user experience, and developer experience. My favorite stack these days are Laravel, Vue, and Tailwind. And focusing on Solid Principles, Data Structures, and Design Patterns.

Stack I work on: PHP, Laravel, Laminas, Propel ORM, JS, React, Tailwind, and Bootstrap.

Hello! Myself Hassam – PHP Laravel Developer

I’m a Full Stack PHP Laravel Developer, writing stuff with Laravel, Laminas, Vue, React, and Docker. I am passionate about being productive, writing clean code, publishing dev blog posts with SEO, and focusing on Monitor Query.