Don’t use UUID as Primary Key 🚨

Short Answer: UUID is good for small projects but for larger DB UUID isn’t recommended because of storage burning and caching issues. AND UUID is for a Unique identifier not for a Primary Key. Below you can read more about … Read more

2 Best WordPress Syntax Highlighting Plugins Free | Prismatic & Code Syntax Block

No.1 Best Free Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin| Display code snippet

Best WordPress syntax highlighting plugin – Prismatic Plugin. Best Free WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugin. Display beautiful code snippets with Prism.js, Highlight.js, or plain code escaping. Here I am sharing my 3 years+ experience that how I found these two syntax … Read more

DKIM signature invalid

DKIM signature invalid featured and response

DKIM Signature Invalid on – CyberPanel [SOLUTION] General fix: [SOLUTION]No matter whether your domain is hosted on Cloudflare, GoDaddy, etc. this will work on all.Quick fix (change TTL of default._domainkey to 600 seconds or less.)default._domainkey is a DKIM TXT … Read more