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This post is really based on my experience. You will be surprised when you work with these 2 plugins. I use Gutenberg for my articles. I also have experienced with elementor page builder So here I’ll share 2 plugins. One is a free Prismatic Plugin and the second one is PRO (only for elementor) Coder – Syntax Highlighter for Elementor. I use Prismatic because it is free and compatible with Gutenberg. Prismatic Plugin has 2 major syntax highlighter libraries. (Prism.js and Highlight.js). PrismJS have 9k stars in GitHub while HighlightJS have 18.2k stars. Both libraries are used by major companies. I studied both syntax highlighter libraries and found the 2 best plugins based on these libraries.

Prismatic Plugin – Prismatic WordPress

Prismatic – a WordPress syntax highlighter plugin

Display beautiful code snippets with Prism.js, Highlight.js, or plain code escaping:

  • Prism.js – Code escape + syntax highlight using Prism.js
  • Highlight.js – Code escape + syntax highlight using Highlight.js
  • Plain Flavor – Code escape without syntax highlight

Prism.js Features & Prismatic Plugin has prismjs library.

Prism is a lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter, built with modern web standards in mind.

  • 50+ coding languages
  • 8 available Prism themes
  • Gutenberg block for adding code snippets
  • Enable Prism plugin Line Numbers
  • Enable/disbale Prism plugin Line Highlight in plugin setting
  • Enable Prism plugin Copy Code Button feature
  • Enable Prism plugin Show Languages
  • Detects language- and lang- class prefixes
  • Limit syntax highlighting to Posts and Pages
  • Granular control over code escaping
  • Highlight single-line and multi-line code
  • Smart loading of CSS & JS assets
  • Support for ACF on single post views

Highlight.js Features & Prismatic Plugin has Highlightjs library.

Highlight. js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It works in the browser as well as on the server.

  • Supports 50+ coding languages
  • Choose from all 98 available Highlight themes
  • Provides a Gutenberg block for adding code snippets
  • Provides TinyMCE/Visual buttons for adding code snippets
  • Customize the Highlight.js init JavaScript
  • Highlights code in post content, excerpts, and comments
  • Limit syntax highlighting to Posts and Pages
  • Highlight multi-line blocks of code
  • Enable support for no-prefix class names
  • Granular control over code escaping
  • Smart loading of CSS & JS assets

Prismatic Code Highlighter Plugin Features (♥)

  • Easy to set up & configure
  • Built with the WordPress API
  • Regularly updated and “future proof”
  • Works with the Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Adheres to HTML coding best practices
  • Loads CSS and JS assets only when required
  • Focused on performance and security
  • Lightweight, fast and flexible
  • Born of simplicity, no frills
  • Squeaky clean, error-free code

My opinion about Prismatic is honest. First of all, it’s free and has positive reviews. As I mentioned above this plugin has 2 major syntax highlighter libraries ( and so, we have options to go with which syntax library we like and which theme we like.

Prismatic developers lunched monthly updates.

Regular Update is a great thing about a free theme/plugin and Prismatic Syntax highlighting for a WordPress plugin comes with monthly updates or something update comes twice a month. That’s why I have chosen this plugin as a No.1 Free Syntax Highlighting plugin.

How do you make a syntax highlighter?

I hope you read the full article & yes Prismatic Plugin is the best free code highlighting plugin.

Prismatic reviews – Best Syntax Highlighting Plugin

checkout the 96% 5 start and positive reviews about this syntax highlighting plugin for WordPress:

Prismatic Plugin Reviews on
Prismatic Plugin Reviews on


Final words. If you are using Gutenberg then go with Prismatic Plugin (Prismatic WordPress) and if you are using Elementor page builder then go with Coder – Syntax Highlighter for Elementor. I personally like Prismatic and I use it for my regular posts to display code highlighted. Coder is paid plugin but trusts me it’s cool I test it out deeply, BUT WHY do I CURRENTLY USE PRISMATIC INSTEAD OF CODER? Well, the answer is simple I do not like using Elementor for writing articles and blogs because these plugins have their own js and CSS files which increases page load time, every page builder have js, CSS files like Elementor, WP Bakery Builder, Yellow Pencil, etc these plugins are best to design pages and I mostly use these Page builder plugins only for page designing but for articles I only go with WordPress default Page builder which is Gutenberg. Hope so you will understand why I prefer Prismatic Free Syntax Highlighter Plugin.

Did I use other free syntax or code highlighter plugins?
yes, I used many, and based on my experienced I choose Prismatic & it is the Best Syntax Highlighting Plugin.

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